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I working on a a class that uses an internally opened second thread to do most of the processing. It throws events which are the result of dealing with the content of a file in this example (can also be a network stream, which is the normal case). Anyhow, the method is single threaded in that I call into the "processFile" method and get the events. My own "ProcessFile" method is supposed to return immediately (there are multiple implementations, the API is shared), so this particular class creates an internal worker thread.

So far so good.

In MsTest in the runner in visual studio I am totally unable to debug this worker thread. Basically no breakpoint ever is used.... while things work perfectly for the main thread.

This makes TDD useless in this case (I basically will have to open a small command line tool just to be able to develop this particular functionality).

I would rather use the test runner, though, as my "testing runtime".

Anyone an idea how to get worker threads play nicely with the MsTest runner debug functionality?

Another example - I have a class I need to test that is called AsyncActionQueue. It is a thread safe queue using a delegate to call a method and doing so... on a ThreadPool thread. I use it quite a lot (I write a very heavily multi threaded application). Obvoiously I can sync results back into the main thread later on, but developing threads where a part runs on the thread pool (and in this debugging them) is hard when breakpoints are not followed by the test debugger.

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What happens if you use System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break() explicitly instead of breakpoints? (Trying to rule out an issue with PDB or debugger) –  vcsjones Dec 29 '10 at 3:54
No idea. But that would be painfull. The debugger is working otherwise - I have programs with breakpoints available. Sadly, most code I need to test now is somehow using multiple threads. –  TomTom Dec 29 '10 at 16:36

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