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       I wish to rewrite the Url in the below stated way.

i want to rewrite the server name such that the in the cloud application url gets truncated. Is this possible.

Please somebody guide me on this as iam new to azure.



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Not quite sure what you're saying here, but are you trying to display your own domain name instead of Example: When someone goes to your cloud application loads. – Jeremy Seekamp Dec 29 '10 at 4:54

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If Jeremy's guess is right, all you need is a CNAME record that maps to See

If you want to do something else, you'll have to explain what it is.

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Thanks,I have my doubts clear now!!! – geminilearner Dec 30 '10 at 4:38

Using the method suggested above it will mask the domain but not expose any pages underneath. Example.. Site is at and he uses a the CNAME Redirect, the user gets forward to

Sounds great but what if he's using QueryString paramters in a page like for example. While it may not be a tidy URL, there may be instances where this needs to be done, rather than just cut off the address after the TLD.

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