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I'm just getting started with AdWhirl (though i'v ebeen using iAds for a while). I added iAd and InMobi support, as well as In-House ads.

I have an NSLog on the adWhirlDidFailToReceiveAd delegate method. Here i can see that it fails twice (for iAds and InMobi requests). However AdWhirl does give me my In-House ad correctly.

NOTE: I am calling this from the simulator. Am I getting a fail-to-receive message because iAds and InMobi are not supported on the simulator?

Also, if I run this from my device, will i be able to see the various Ads?

Please confirm or deny or provide any other insight. Thanks!


After my InMobi account/ad was "Activated" i am now seeing the Ad come in for InMobi. However, i am still getting a failed-to-receive message for Apple's iAds. Again, this is via simulator. Not sure about device.

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If you face any issues integrating with InMobi, please email helpdesk@inmobi.com and they will revert to you at the earlier.

(Full Disclosure: I work with InMobi in the Global Operations Team in supporting publisher integration)

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Good. Nice to know! –  Lakshman Prasad Feb 22 '11 at 22:17
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