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I published my asp.net app using the basic capability (publish to disk). Now I look at the published content and it contains .cs files. Is this correct? I did right-click 'convert to web application', but the .cs files still appear.

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Which publish option did you choose? There are options that can determine which files are pushed out. –  spinon Dec 29 '10 at 5:49

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Apparently your conversion didn't take or your publish went wrong - according to MSDN:

"The conversion process causes Visual Studio to recursively examine every page, master page, and user control in the project, and to automatically generate a .designer.cs or .designer.vb file for each. Visual Studio also changes the .aspx or .ascx files to use the codeBehind attribute instead of the codeFile attribute. This conversion process also renames the App_Code folder to Old_App_Code."

See:MSDN Article

So if you see App_Code after conversion - something is screwy and you need to try it again.

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