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I am learning Ruby On Rails. I am on a shared hosting with Ruby version 1.8.1 and Rails version 2.3.10. I am working my way through a tutorial at and at one point in the tutorial it has me run:

script/generate scaffold Micropost content:string user_id:interger

The tutorial is using the default database, SQLite3. The command works and I use rake db:migrate to create the database. I can view the page listing the microposts (which is empty), but when I try to add a micropost (microposts/new) I get an error undefined method `user_id' for #<Micropost:0x7f710e4988e8> After doing some testing on my own it seems I experience the problem by using the data type of interger.

While I understand that using a scaffold is not the best way of building a ruby on rails, I'm just beginning and would still like to know why I am experiencing this problem to help me better understand how rails works.

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Have you mistyped integer as interger?

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You are, of course, correct. Thanks for helping me with this very obvious mistake. – bublebboy Dec 29 '10 at 23:28

you should always check for typos. does your table for Microposts have the column 'user_id' you can look it up in the migration file

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The table did not have the 'user_id" column which, I am sure, is because I don't know how to spell. Once I used the correct spelling all was well. – bublebboy Dec 29 '10 at 23:30

You seem to have spelled integer wrong three times in this question, so I would guess that you got it wrong in the code too. The correct spelling is integer.

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Maybe I should have asked the question at Thanks! – bublebboy Dec 29 '10 at 23:29

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