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Ubuntu Software Center offers versions of IDLE numbered 2.6 and upwards. If I have to use Python 2.5 (because of Google App Engine compatibility), will it be possible to still use IDLE? I am of course assuming that the there is some necessity for the IDLE version number to be the same as the Python version number.

Presently, my invocations of IDLE fail because of _tkinter not being found. Likewise it is not found when I try to do an import _tkinter interactively. I then proceeded to install Tcl and Tk and python-tk and one of the IDLE versions being offered (none were labelled 2.5) but _tkinter still does not get imported.

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I think your problem it that tkinter is installed in a different version of Python than IDLE is using. See this discussion here.

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Drew, you may be right. On another thread it was said that Ubuntu 10.10 comes with Python 2.6 already installed. The solution was to install tk-dev before installing Python 2.5. Then IDLE will work. stackoverflow.com/questions/4553869/… –  H2ONaCl Dec 29 '10 at 12:43

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