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i am using following code to write Serializable object to external storage.

it throws me error java.io.NotSerializableException even my object is serializable any one guide me what mistake am i doing?

public class MyClass implements Serializable 

// other veriable stuff here...
    public String title;
    public String startTime;
    public String endTime;
    public boolean classEnabled;
    public Context myContext;

 public MyClass(Context context,String title, String startTime, boolean enable){
            this.title = title;
            this.startTime = startTime;
            this.classEnabled = enable;
            this.myContext = context;


 public boolean saveObject(MyClass obj) {

        final File suspend_f=new File(cacheDir, "test");

            FileOutputStream   fos  = null;
            ObjectOutputStream oos  = null;
            boolean            keep = true;

            try {
                fos = new FileOutputStream(suspend_f);
                oos = new ObjectOutputStream(fos);
                oos.writeObject(obj);   // exception throws here
            catch (Exception e) {
                keep = false;

            finally {
                try {
                    if (oos != null)   oos.close();
                    if (fos != null)   fos.close();
                    if (keep == false) suspend_f.delete();
                catch (Exception e) { /* do nothing */ }

            return keep;



and calling from activity class to save it

 MyClass m= new MyClass(this, "hello", "abc", true);
 boolean  result =m.saveObject(m);

any help would be appreciated.

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This fails due to the Context field in your class. Context objects are not serializable.

Per the Serializable documentation - "When traversing a graph, an object may be encountered that does not support the Serializable interface. In this case the NotSerializableException will be thrown and will identify the class of the non-serializable object."

You can either remove the Context field entirely, or apply the transient attribute to the Context field so that it is not serialized.

public class MyClass implements Serializable 
    public transient Context myContext;
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then what is the solution? any idea? –  UMAR Dec 29 '10 at 6:38
Updated answer in regards to your comment –  JesusFreke Dec 29 '10 at 6:43
yes i removed context and now its working fine. thanks. –  UMAR Dec 29 '10 at 8:07
Nice post one upvote :) –  Sameer Nov 23 '11 at 10:39
couldn't you simply set "transient" for the context field? –  android developer Jun 5 '12 at 7:59

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