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I am currently doing a project on GWT and in the background study, I need to perform research on GWT. I have included many things which I will list below. Can anyone point out something that I may be missing or what other interesting thing concerning GWT I can include? The following is a list of all the topics that are currently included:

  • GWT Java to JavaScript Compiler

  • Deferred Binding

  • JSNI (JavaScript Native Interface)

  • JRE Emulation Library

  • GWT-I18N (Internationalization and Configuration tools)

  • GWT’s XMLParser

  • Widgets and Panels

  • Custom Composite Widget

  • Event and Listeners

  • Styling through CSS

  • GWT History Management

  • GWT Hibernate Integration (through GLead)

  • MVP (Model-View-Presenter) for GWT through Model View Presenter Application Controller and Event Bus

  • Server Calls using RPC and request builder

  • Comet

  • Serialization in GWT
    JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)

  • Testing Web Application with GWT
    JUnit Benchmarking Selenium

  • Further work in GWT such as Ext-GWT and smart GWT

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Here my additions may be helpful to you

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I am not sure if it is implicitly included in one of the points you listed but :

Client Bundle

The resources in a deployed GWT application can be roughly categorized into resources to never cache (.nocache.js), to cache forever (.cache.html), and everything else (myapp.css). The ClientBundle interface moves entries from the everything-else category into the cache-forever category.

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You may want to take a look into UiBinder and RequestFactory as well as some of the development and testing tools such as GWT Designer and Speed Tracer.

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If you are planning to use Spring , on server side, you should consider gwt-spring integration.

although, gwt designers do not provide reflection and recommend not to use the reflection, using reflection is inevitable, and if you use carefully, its cost is bearable..

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