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I require actual Text width from a TextView.

To expalin this heres my TextView description:

  1. TextView lies in a LinearLayout with some internal padding.
  2. TextView is set to fill the width and wrap up the height.
  3. TextView has a leftCompoundDrawable set and a rightCompoundDrawable set.
  4. Theres also padding given to text of textview from left compound drawable.
  5. Text from text view can be multiline.

What I meant from text from TextView is property of TextView which can be set using android:text property from XML or by calling setText() on TextView.

Heres what I am doing.

[ScreenWidth]-[LeftCompundDrawableIntrinsic Width]-[RightDrawabaleIntrinsicWidth]-[LeftCompoundDrawablePadding]

is there any stock method from framework which can precisely caluclate this ?

Heres an image describing my TextView


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Try this:

TextView tv;
Rect rc=new Rect();
for(int i=0; i < tv.getLineCount(); i++)
   tv.getLineBounds(line, rc);
   Log.v(TAG, "Line #"+i+", left="+rc.left+", right="+rc.right);
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