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I'm using a MultiAutoCompleteTextView in my app to show various suggestions.

I noticed that MultiAutoCompleteTextView doesn't support the regular android suggerstion that come defaultly with an EditText (the strip of suggestions that pops above the soft keyboard.

Is there a way of showing both the regular suggestions, and the ones I want to show in my MultiAutoCompleteTextView?

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I found that setting the input types only took effect when I set them with setRawInputType(). I also found out that the only way to use InputType.TYPE_TEXT_FLAG_AUTO_CORRECT was to include include InputType.TYPE_CLASS_TEXT also. So it would result in something like this:

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You can ovveride the MultiAutoCompleteTextView and add the needed implementation of the default textview. how? you can see the android source code here: http://netmite.com/android/mydroid/2.0/

I personally never user the MultiAutoCompleteTextView so I don't know if there is a cleaner way to implement this.

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