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I am looking for a datagrid which contains objects from my class.

class user
string name;
int ID;

i tried AutoGenerateColumns = true. this will add columns (name, ID, ... like the properties of my class) but i want a different design. not all attributes from the object shold be shown and the columnheader shouldn't be generated from the variablenames...

if i build a custom. column-design, i cant add my objects / they will not be displayed.

is it possible to define my own columns according to my objects/class. i read about databindings, but i have no idea how i can bind objects/classes in WPF. (in Visual Studio i cant choose my class as datacontext)

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Yes, you can define your own columns by using DataGridTemplateColumn and making AutoGenerateColumns = false.

Then you can hook in DataTemplate to this DatGridTemplatecolumn to display the object the way you want.
Please search in internet regarding DataGridTemplateColumn. You will find all the info you need.

Hope I am clear.

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thank you. <DataGrid.Columns> <DataGridTextColumn Header="Nickname" Binding="{Binding UserName}" /> </DataGrid.Columns> worked out. I thought you have to do more for the databinding :-) –  user437899 Dec 29 '10 at 18:06

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