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How can I return a specific range of ROWNUM values?

I'm trying the following:

select * from maps006 where rownum >49 and rownum <101

This returns only rows matching the < operator.

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 SELECT * from
 select m.*, rownum r
 from maps006 m
 where r > 49 and r < 101
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Just for the sake of completeness, is there a way to remove the r column after? –  Dennis Hodapp Jul 2 '12 at 13:42
My quick fix is to change the first line to: SELECT col1,col2,col3 from where col1, col2 etc would be the names of all columns except r –  Dennis Hodapp Jul 2 '12 at 13:46
this doesn't work on oracle if you don't give ROWNUM an alias –  Julio Marins Nov 18 at 13:23
FROM    (
        SELECT  q.*, rownum rn
        FROM    (
                SELECT  *
                FROM    maps006
                ORDER BY
                ) q

Note the double nested view. ROWNUM is evaluated before ORDER BY, so it is required for correct numbering.

If you omit ORDER BY clause, you won't get consistent order.

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point noted! I was making that mistake with order by! –  MozenRath Jan 10 '13 at 12:41
I get "ORA-00904: "RN": invalid identifier" when I try something similar. –  Robin Green Feb 26 at 11:11
@RobinGreen: please make another question and post the "something similar" there. –  Quassnoi Feb 26 at 11:18

I was looking for a solution for this and found this great article explaining the solution Relevant excerpt

My all-time-favorite use of ROWNUM is pagination. In this case, I use ROWNUM to get rows N through M of a result set. The general form is as follows:

select * enter code here
  from ( select /*+ FIRST_ROWS(n) */ 
  a.*, ROWNUM rnum 
      from ( your_query_goes_here, 
      with order by ) a 
      where ROWNUM <= 
      :MAX_ROW_TO_FETCH ) 
where rnum  >= :MIN_ROW_TO_FETCH;

Now with a real example (gets rows 148, 149 and 150):

select *
  (select a.*, rownum rnum
  (select id, data
     from t
   order by id, rowid) a
   where rownum <= 150
   where rnum >= 148;
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This one actually works! –  Robin Green Feb 26 at 11:46
(SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY Id) AS RowNum, * FROM maps006) AS DerivedTable
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You can also do using CTE with clause.

WITH maps AS (Select ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY Id) AS rownum,* 
from maps006 )

SELECT rownum, * FROM maps  WHERE rownum >49 and rownum <101  
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select * 
from emp 
where rownum <= &upperlimit 
select * 
from emp 
where rownum <= &lower limit ;
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