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The question says it all. To clarify: I am not trying to hide the whole column, I just want to hide the display value when it is being equal to zero.

Any help is appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance.

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One interpretation of what you're saying is to make the format mask end in a pound sign, like #,###. Another interpretation would be to make a Visible expression dependent on the value of the column, like (untested) if (*colname*=0, '0', '1'). I'm guessing you're after the former.

Good luck,


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It is worth knowing that you can specify four different format masks for one datawindow column. You simply create up to four masks separated by semicolon.

Sample Format Mask: $#,##0.00;RED;#;'null'

  1. Positive Values use $#,##0.00
  2. Negative Values use RED
  3. Zero Value use #
  4. Null Value uses 'null'

Produces These Result:

123.01 --> $123.01

-123.01 --> ($123.01) in red text

0 -->

null --> null

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