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I have a double value which could be either 9.2 or 13.45 or 198.789 or 110.8. How do I format this to 9.2000 or 13.4500 198.7890 or 110.8000

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This SO post can be of help.

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Look into the Decimal Format class.

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new DecimalFormat("#0.0000").format(9.2); //"9.2000"

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Have a look at DecimalFormat

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You can use String.format() to some extent. For example:

String.format("%07.3f", 1.23d); //prints 001.230

The format is %0<width>.<precision>f where, <width> is the minimum number of character (including the dot) that should be printed padded with 0's (in my example there are 7 characters); <precision> is the number of digits after the decimal point.

This method will work for simple formatting, and you cannot control the rounding (rounding is is half-up by default).

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