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I found the recipe for creating a SQL Profiler trace.

How do I set up something to have this trace start and end at specific times, can I do this with a management task??

We are trying to find when and how locks or failed connections may be occurring but we don't know when they will occur -- a very intermittent problem.

Another solution would be to explain how I could run such a trace for a couple weeks without having logs get too big, can the trace files' save location be manually specified??

Thank you, Tom

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What do you mean by "failed connections"? Login Failures? If so these are already captured by the default trace.

FROM sys.traces t
CROSS APPLY fn_trace_gettable(t.path, default) f
WHERE f.EventClass=20

Also what do you mean by "locks"? It sounds like you might want to investigate setting up the Blocked Process report. This should be relatively light weight and capable of running for weeks at a time as long as you configure the blocked process threshold option sensibly.

You can use SQL Profiler to set up the trace initially and then script the trace definition from the export menu and put it in a start up stored procedure

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I've only been told 'locks,' I know a template exists for tsql_locks, I planned to start with that since that's all I've been told. Based on this I will start with your suggestion to use the default plus try one with the locks template. Thank you, Tom – Tom Dec 29 '10 at 20:04
@Tom That template seems pretty heavyweight as it records all the SQL Statements on the server I doubt it would be suitable for running for extended periods. – Martin Smith Dec 29 '10 at 20:55
Thank you...I have not yet understood how to make it stop/start when I need it to do so...I turned it on/off a couple times. I must do more searching and reading. :) I'll try your suggestion too. – Tom Dec 29 '10 at 21:29

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