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Does anyone know which if any db-api 2.0 drivers work with IronPython? If so, has anyone tried using it with SQLAlchemy, SQLObject or the Django ORM?

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I know this is a very late answer, but I only saw the question today -- so I am answering it today. http://sourceforge.net/projects/adodbapi contains a fully compliant db-api-2 module which works with IronPython. It is restricted to use in Windows, since it uses classic ADO, using COM calls, rather than ADO.NET. [I tried a true .NET version, but it worked very poorly. The fork for it is still there if anyone wants to follow up.] A fork of this module was adapted for a django extension for MS-SQL. I have pulled those adaptations back in to the main fork. I do not know whether anyone has tried using the result in django, yet, but it should work, provided one explicitly switches the paramstyle to "format".

import adodbapi as Database

Database.paramstyle = 'format'

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Here's some answers for sqlalchemy:


At the end of the thread, someone tried a beta of IronPython in September last year and it was working.

Also here: SqlAlchemy discussion.

Support for jython, ironpython, others is much more of a drop-in as existing SQL compilation code can be reused.

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pypyodbc runs under IronPython and it's db-api 2.0 compliant. You can refer to this article to see how to enable SQLAlchemy under IronPython.

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