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I am having a tree-view on my main form with initially some nodes as follows

         |-> some.txt

Now at this point i will have to add 2 child nodes at a time to BatchHeader. This nodes i will pass as strings from child forms

My sample code that i added some nodes is as follows

  public void loadingDatafrom(string filename, bool str)
        if (Append.oldbatchcontrol != filename)
            if (tvwACH.SelectedNode.Text == "FileHeader")
            if (tvwACH.SelectedNode.Text == "BatchHeader" && filecontrolvariables.m_gridclick == false)
               **I got this idea tvwach.SelectedNode.Lastnode.Nodes.Add("Node");**

Can any one give an idea to add 2 nodes as child to the existing node ..

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You can simply call the Add method twice, for example:

  TreeNode node = tvwACH.SelectedNode;
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If you meant you want to add two levels of nodes, try this:

TreeNode newNode = new TreeNode("NewNode");
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