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i am having a classlibrary with app1.config and also a windows application with app2.config;i am adding the reference of classlibrary in windows application as well as it possible if i call the method class lib it will go to app1.config otherwise it will use app2.config;

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if u all think u r very intelligent then y u r not giving the answer and i think u need the check the all previous answers they are not well explained. – slash shogdhe Dec 29 '10 at 16:05
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The best you can achieve is to have two separate configuration files, then have the code of one method read the "main" config file (using the ordinary ConfigurationManager.AppSetting[""] code) and other method read the configuration file of the class library using such code:

Configuration config = ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration(dllFilePath);
KeyValueConfigurationElement element = config.AppSettings.Settings[appSettingKey];
string value = element.Value;

This will read application setting from the config file of DLL sitting in the location of dllFilePath.

You can also have separate section for the class library in the "main" configuration file if relevant I can give sample as well.

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Using the default ConfigurationManager process to access a configuration file it goes for the file that is configured for the application, there is no way to differentiate between a class library and an application's config.

For example if you have a windows/WPF app that is called MyWonderfulApp.exe, the only config file that will be used is MyWonderfulApp.exe.config. Therefore all settings are in that file. Web applications ONLY use the web.config file.

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