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From a single view file containing e.g. LaTeX code with ERB inserts, I would like to be able to:

  1. render to a LaTeX source file, by evaluating the ERB

  2. render to PDF, by compiling the previous result using a custom latex_to_pdf() function

The first case can be achieved by registering a template handler:

ActionView::Template.register_template_handler :latex, LatexSource

where LatexSource is a subclass of ActionView::Template::Handler implementing call(template) or compile(template).

This allows a view file "action.tex.latex" to be accessed and processed correctly as "controller/action.tex".

The second case seems much harder though:

  • how can the request "controller/action.pdf" be sent to the template handler as if it was "controller/action.tex", and pass the result through latex_to_pdf() before sending the response to the user?

Many thanks

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Couldn't you just register another template handler :pdf whose compile method looks similar to this?:

def compile
   latex_to_pdf LatexSource.compile(template)

Update: Ok, right, this results in the need of having the view duplicated (action.tex.latex, action.tex.pdf).

Next idea:

respond_to do |format| 
  format.pdf { render :file => latex_to_pdf(render) } 

As far as I can remember, render returned the rendered template as String in Rails 2.3. I don't know how it behaves in Rails 3.

You could experiment with render or _render_template. If this works, we could think about how to make this more dry and comfortable for multiple actions.

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Thanks, but that requires keeping two identical copies of the view file: "action.tex.latex" and "action.pdf.latex". I guess the issue is in trying to fool the template finder that two different outputs can be generated from the same view file. –  aj_why Dec 29 '10 at 16:29

I didn’t use it myself (yet), but it looks as if https://github.com/jacott/rails-latex could do the job for you.

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