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Currently I have this in my layout:

<body class="<%= controller.controller_name %>">

I want to add an additional class that will be the same for all actions in any controller where it's set, something like:

class SomeController < ApplicationController

body_class 'page'



class AnotherController < ApplicationController

body_class 'page'



Which will result in:

<body class="some page">

<body class="another page">

What would be the easiest way to achieve this? Can I use controller class variables for this?

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My solution:


class SomeController < ApplicationController

  before_filter lambda { @body_class = 'page' }




<body class="<%= "#{controller.controller_name} #{@body_class}".strip %>">
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The first thing that comes to mind is a layout for that controller. The second thing that comes to mind is a helper that checks the url and applies returns appropriate HTML.

class YourController < ApplicationController
layout "new_layout"
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Stop! Stop! Use this pattern:

<body data-controller="#{controller.controller_path}" data-action="#{controller.action_name}">

Neat! ha?

And then in your document.ready fire whichever JS script you want for that controller-action combination... ( This can be auto-executed on document ready )

All credit goes to: http://viget.com/inspire/extending-paul-irishs-comprehensive-dom-ready-execution



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