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does anyone know if it's possible in Eclipse to set 'Cursor beyond end-of-line' , so the cursor always stays on the same horizontal position, even when the line is not long enough for that?

Almost every editor I know of has this option (Borland Delphi, Microsoft Visual Studio and others).

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afaik this feature is not available in eclipse yet (I would expect it to be in Window/Preferences.../General/Editors/Text Editors)

But I found a feature request for this:

You could try to find a plugin-project for this, maybe some other users have implemented that feature already.

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Thanks for the answer, but that did not worked for me.

What I did is:

  • I opened a new pydev module.
  • Pressed ctrl+alt+enter and options for python console showed up
  • I chose the python console (second option)
  • And pressed the PIN CONSOLE icon to pin it forever.

I didnt have ipython installed but it works perfectly fine no probs at all.

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