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How can I check if a string is contained with my array? Here's how I'm putting the array together...

 // get the select
 var $dd = $('#product-variants');

 if ($dd.length > 0) { // make sure we found the select we were looking for

 // save the selected value
 var selectedVal = $dd.val();

 // get the options and loop through them
 var $options = $('option', $dd);
 var arrVals = [];
     // push each option value and text into an array
         val: $(this).val(),
         text: $(this).text()

I want to check if "Kelly Green" is contained within the array if it is I want to .show a li

$("#select-by-color-list li#kelly-green").show();
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You can use jQuery's inbuilt .inArray() method:

if($.inArray('Kelly Green', arrVals) != -1) {
    $("#select-by-color-list li#kelly-green").show();
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Be careful using this, the check is incorrect, it should be if($.inArray('Kelly Green', arrVals) != -1) {, 0 is a valid result, if the element is the first in the array you'll get 0, -1 is what you should be checking for. –  Nick Craver Jan 2 '11 at 13:47
@Nick Craver, you're right, I've fixed the answer. I naturally assumed that jQuery would not duplicate JS's own idiocies and would return rather just a boolean value indicating the precense of a value. :) –  Tatu Ulmanen Jan 2 '11 at 14:56

The other answers are correct so far as use $.inArray() here, however the usage is off, it should be:

if($.inArray('Kelly Green', arrVals) != -1) {
  $("#select-by-color-list li#kelly-green").show();

$.inArray() returns the position in the array (which may be 0 if it's first...so it's in there, but that if() would be false). To check if it's present, use != -1, which is what it'll return if the element is not found.

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Try this:

console.log($.inArray('Kelly Green', arrVals);

if($.inArray('Kelly Green', arrVals)
  $("#select-by-color-list li#kelly-green").show();

Possible dupe: Need help regarding jQuery $.inArray()

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You got the parameters wrong way around, it's .inArray(value, array). –  Tatu Ulmanen Dec 29 '10 at 16:18
@ Noah and Tatu, Nice one! I was thinking about it to hard! Works great! Thanks very much –  Charles Marsh Dec 29 '10 at 16:19

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