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Is there a way to pass the option -mark-generated, which is applicable to xjc.bat:

%JAXB_HOME%\bin\xjc.bat -mark-generated c:\TEMP\my.xsd

to the corresponding ant task?

<taskdef name="xjc" classname="com.sun.tools.xjc.XJCTask">
   <classpath refid="classpath" />

<xjc schema="my.xsd" destdir="src" package="gen.example">
  <produces dir="src/gen" includes="**/*.java" />
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1 Answer

You can pass -mark-generated and other options which are not directly supported in an tag nested under the tag, like this:

<xjc schema="simple.xsd" destdir="src" package="gen.example">
  <produces dir="src/gen" includes="**/*.java" />
  <arg line="-mark-generated"/>

See the Ant Task reference for details. Happy marshalling!

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