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In CDI there is the @ApplicationScoped and the (javax.inject) @Singleton pseudo-scope. What is the difference between them? Besides the fact that @ApplicationScoped is proxied, and @Singleton is not.

Can I just change my @Singleton bean to @ApplicationScoped? Can @ApplicationScoped bean have two (or more) instances?

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Have you read the Weld reference? There is some explanation about the practical differences between @ApplicationScoped and @Singleton at its section 5.4 (p. 36). –  brandizzi Jul 3 '11 at 18:50

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@Singleton is not part of the CDI specification. It is part of EJB and javax.inject (JSR-330). It is not mentioned in the spec what is its behaviour, so you can only rely on what's written in the Weld documentation.

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That's not true. There is annotation javax.inject.Singleton. It is part of CDI. Check here: docs.jboss.org/weld/reference/1.0.1-Final/en-US/html_single/… –  amorfis Dec 30 '10 at 20:35
@amorphis - I have the CDI spec in front of me. I have even implemented parts of it, and it does not mention anything about @Singleton. It is shown in only one example, without clarifications. It is true that CDI relies on javax.inject, but strictly speaking it is not part of the CDI spec. That said, I corrected my answer a bit. –  Bozho Dec 30 '10 at 20:37
@amorfis so, although I'm aware the answer is not quite helpful (by not providing differences), I believe you can at least remove the downvote, since it is technically correct :) –  Bozho Dec 30 '10 at 20:47

@Singleton in 299 refers to Singleton session beans (javax.ejb.Singleton, not javax.inject.SIngleton), not 299 managed beans in a built-in scope called Singleton.

You might find in your server that @ApplicationScoped is one-per EAR or one-per WAR/EJB-JAR as it is not clear in the specification, but you should definitely not expect it to be one per JVM.

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One of the major differences that you can write your class with default contractor has private access modifier when using javax.inject.Singletone, but your class should have default contractor with at least default access modifier when using javax.enterprise.context.ApplicationScoped and this is JBOSS 6.1 GA Final implementation

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