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I need to populate a byte array from a database field using an IDataRecord and i needed help on how to get this done.

public class MyClass
   public string Name {get;set;}
   public byte[] ImageData { get; set;}

// Data Layer

public MyClass Populate(IDataRecord dr)
   var myClass = new MyClass();
   myClass.Name = myDataRecord.GetString(myDataRecord.GetOrdinal("NAME"));
   myClass.ImageData = // Need info on how to load this


Thanks for any help

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You can simply cast by using GetValue() method:

public MyClass Populate(IDataRecord dr)
   var myClass = new MyClass();

   int ordinal1 = myDataRecord.GetOrdinal("NAME");
   int ordinal2 = myDataRecord.GetOrdinal("IMAGEDATA");

   myClass.Name = myDataRecord.GetString(ordinal1);
   myClass.ImageData = (byte[])myDataRecord.GetValue(ordinal2);

EDIT: The GetOrdinal() is necessary for reading the ordinal of a field by name.

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Is there some reason that you can't use IDataRecord.GetBytes as in

int imageDataOrdinal = myDataRecord.GetOrdinal("ImageData");
long bytesRead = myDataRecord.GetBytes(
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Please explain how to set the value of the length parameter –  Clara Onager Oct 22 '12 at 11:53

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