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I've created a single page website that uses AnythingSlider to represent different sections of the site and jQueryUI's Accordions to economize space in each of the Panels. It works fine in IE8, Chrome and FF, but in Safari, all but two of the nine AnythingSlider menu items disappears, and all of the panels stack vertically.

Click here to see site in action

Here's the script for AnythingSlider (with other things):

<script type="text/javascript">
            startPanel                      : 1,
            buildArrows                 : false, 
            autoPlay                        : false,
            width                               : 800,   // if resizeContent is false, this is the default width if panel size is not defined
            height                              : 700,   // if resizeContent is false, this is the default height if panel size is not defined
            resizeContents              : true, // If true, solitary images/objects in the panel will expand to fit the viewport
            startStopped                    : true,  // If autoPlay is on, this can force it to start stopped
            navigationFormatter         : function(index, panel){ // Format navigation labels with text
                return ['home', 'brunch menu', 'lunch menu', 'dinner menu', 'cocktail menu', 'dessert menu', 'find us', 'catering/event room', 'contact'][index - 1];

            header: "h3",
            autoHeight: false,



    $('.cater_event_button').click(function () { 

    $('.event_room_button').click(function () { 

        $( ".date_picker" ).datepicker({ disabled: false });


Here's the html:

<ul id="slider">

        <li class="panel1">
            <img src="images/woman_eating.jpg" alt="splash_img" />

        <li class="panel2">
        <div class="menu_header">Menu de Desayuno &#40;brunch and breakfast enu&#41;</div>
<div id="accordion_1">
        <h3><a href="#">Botanas &#40;Snacks&#41;</a></h3>
        <div>Menu Stuff</div>

So, I am wondering why Safari is not displaying AnythingSlider correctly, and what I might do to fix it. Oh, and why is an instance of Datepicker showing up on the page? (It's the thin, tan bar outside the upper left hand corner of the slider...)


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Is this still a problem? –  Mottie Mar 1 '11 at 2:36
No, I finally got it figured out. It was an oversight in the markup. –  Adam Apr 3 '11 at 18:13

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