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I'm not really a server-side person – I generally do iPhone apps, though I've hacked together a few Wordpress sites.

I'm curious as to what web technologies people would use for the back-end of an iPhone app whose front end presents as a basic forum. In other words, people can create new threads, and respond to them - with plain text only.

The forum would not exist as a website.. the only way to access it would be on the phone.

What technology would people recommend I use? Ruby-on-Rails with Amazon S3 storage? Could I even use existing forum software and pass and receive data to and from it? Perhaps even a forum Wordpress plug-in? Or is there a better way?

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There are some mobile apps that provide access to forums, like Forum Runner and Tapatalk. They seem to do this via a specific API. You can probably implement this API in your app, and then set up a phpBB or other forum on your website to hold the actual data. You can then mask all access to the forum that does not use the API via the server configuration.

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