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I have recently started learning c++ and I thought I have covered learning all basics. Now I have a job to do over some legacy c++ code written over microsoft.net VC++. It is not a gui application.. it is a service. It has all the typedefs like LPCTSTR, DWORD etc. Is there any comprehensive guide where I can see the usage of each of these?

  • Lalith
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I don't understand why this isn't a real question... "beginner" implies that he doesn't know what these are or what their purpose is. Why is asking for a place to obtain their definitions wrong? –  San Jacinto Dec 29 '10 at 18:32
I voted to close because this question is far too broad to be answered. He basically is asking for the spec for c++ –  Woot4Moo Dec 29 '10 at 18:34
@Woot4Moo not hardly. He's asking an intelligent question: where do I find documentation as to the purpose of these types that the standard language does not define? What is so "broad" about that? He didn't ask you for a precise definition for each typedef in MFC. –  San Jacinto Dec 29 '10 at 18:37
@San: I thoroughly agree. The question clearly is a real question, because it has a real answer, which is the MSDN page that describes them. –  DeadMG Dec 29 '10 at 18:38
@Woot4Moo: Take pity on the poor beginner. They are trying to learn C++ while using managed C++; I cannot think of a worse way to start off. –  Zac Howland Dec 29 '10 at 18:47
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That should cover most (if not all) of the defines/typedefs with good explanations.

EDIT: And just like San Jacinto mentioned, MSDN is very good place to get information about Windows development.

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Good answer. +1 from me. –  San Jacinto Dec 29 '10 at 18:39
Thank you... I was in real hurry.. sorry if this question is not a real question.. but now it is easy to search for others c++ beginners once this is on SO! Stackoverflow allows me to get instant replies. Thanks Henry. –  Lalith Dec 29 '10 at 18:50
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I know this question already has an accepted answer, but if you'd like to learn more about C++ in general and don't mind paying a little bit, I recommend Deitel & Deitel.

Here is a link to a Google page which lists various places you can find the same book I used in my C++ class in school. It's easy to understand, comes with loads and loads of examples and sample problems, and is just an overall great book, especially for beginners like me.

Hope this helps!

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