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    preg_match_all('/([\d]+)/', $text, $matches);

    foreach($matches as $match)
        if(length($match) == 4){
            return $match;

i want use preg_match_all to extract only four digit number?

and if i want to get four digit or two digit number? (second case)

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preg_match_all('/(\d{4})/', $text, $matches);
return $matches;

No need to use a character class if you only have \d to match, by the way (I omitted the square braces).

If you want to match either 4-digit or 2-digit numbers, use

preg_match_all('/(?<!\d)(\d{4}|\d{2})(?!\d)/', $text, $matches);
return $matches;

Here I employ negative lookbehind (?<!\d) and negative lookahead (?!\d) to prevent matching 2-digit parts of 3-digit numbers (e.g. prevent matching 123 as 12).

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To match all the 4 digit number you can use the regex \d{4}

preg_match_all('/\b(\d{4})\b/', $text, $matches);

Next to match either 2 or 4 digit number you can use the regex \d{2}|\d{4} or a shorter regex \d{2}(\d{2})?

preg_match_all('/\b(\d{2}(\d{2})?)\b/', $text, $matches);

See it

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+1 Your 2-or-4-digit solution is simpler :) – BoltClock Dec 29 '10 at 18:41

Specify range {4} like this:

preg_match_all('/(\d{4})/', $text, $matches);

For two digits:

preg_match_all('/(\d{2})/', $text, $matches);
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Be sure to drop the + – BoltClock Dec 29 '10 at 18:36
@BoltClock: Updated before seeing your comment :) – Sarfraz Dec 29 '10 at 18:37

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