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I downloaded a batch ringtone converter which allows me to batch convert files in the program's folder\mp3 folder. I like the .bat but I want to modify it so that it doesn't react to files in the \mp3 folder, but in files that are dragged onto the .bat file. And I want that I can drag MULTIPLE files onto it.

Is this possible in anyway? Thanks A LOT in advance. I suppose it's a simple code edit in the .bat below but I am not really an experienced user of Windows .bat files.

Here is the .bat file's code:

@echo off
echo **************************************************************
echo *  Convert mp3 into m4r                                      *
echo *                                                            *
echo *                                       by gary cheung       *
echo *                                                            *
echo *       This script only convert mp3 into m4r and you should *
echo *             unload the m4r using itunes or other methods   *
echo **************************************************************
echo There are no guarantees on running this software. 
echo You may even damage your iPhone with it.
echo Consider yourself warnned!
echo Are you ready? (To cancel press CTRL+C, to go on presss any key) 

copy "mp3\*.mp3" "temp\*."

for %%x in (temp\*.*) do start /w  besweet -S --silent -p -core( -input "%%x" -output "%%x".1 -2ch ) 
for %%x in (temp\*.1) do start /w  faac -w -o "%%x".m4r "%%x"

copy "temp\*.m4r" "m4r\*.*"

del /Q temp\*.*

echo ************* Finish
echo Great!
echo BTW, I'm Gary Cheung who live in Hong Kong. :P

And if you need the whole package, I've uploaded it here.

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@Oded "I want to modify it". :) – bzlm Dec 29 '10 at 18:46

If you drag-drop a file to a batch-script (.BAT file), the batch-file will be run with the drag-drop item as the first parameter.

So all you need to do is process the first parameter, which is indicated by %1.

For starters, in your .BAT file, add the line near the top:

echo The Drag-Drop file is %1

Then test that to make sure you can drag-drop to your batch file.

I am not sure if/how batch-scripts handle multiple drag-drop, but check the subsequent parameters (%2, %3, %4...) to see if that works for multi-file drag-drop.

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