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I'd like to create an activity designer that display a combo box with values coming from the database. Is this possible?

I have seen example of activity designer, but they are all with ExpressionTextBox ...

Any help, links is appreciated thanks

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possible duplicate of Binding data to Combobox in custom activity designer – Richard Dec 30 '10 at 10:30
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Sure it is. An ActivityDesigner is just a WPF control, so essentially you just want to put a ListBox control on the design surface, load the data from your database however you see fit (ADO.NET, web service call, etc.) and then use standard WPF data binding to bind that data to the ListBox.

Considering that someone using your control will probably need to supply some settings to connect to the data source (e.g. server name/address, username, password, etc.) you will probably want to also have a button on the design surface that will show PopUp or maybe even another Window where the user can enter/configure those settings.

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would you know how i can bind to the InArgument of my custom activity? – pdiddy Dec 30 '10 at 14:08

I believe this was answered here

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