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I have a database project in VS 2010 (SQL 2008). The local Deploy Solution action works and executes all of the SQL in the Script.PostDeployment.sql file. When I check changes in, the Build Definition for the continuous integration server executes. The database is deployed into the CI environment, but the PostDeployment script doesn't get executed.

I wasn't able to find anything specific to this particular scenario. I also expect I'll need to provide additional information unless this is a trivial problem that I missed somewhere.

Additional Information:

  • The build is executing vsdbcmd.exe to deploy.
  • The deployment manifest references the PostDeployment.sql file and it's present in the path with the rest of the files.

Here is a reference to a thread on social.msdn.microsoft.com regarding this problem.

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Have you checked that the CI server has access to the path that the post deployment script is found at? –  Jesse McCulloch Jan 7 '11 at 21:53
Yes, all of the artifacts including the postdeployment script are in the same directory. –  Suirtimed Jan 7 '11 at 23:37

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We found that the VSDBCMD was not referencing the deployment manifest. The /manifest flag was added to the VSDBCMD and the PostDeployment.sql file was executed.

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