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I need to write data to a .txt file in MATLAB. I know how to write strings(fprintf) OR matrices (dlmwrite) but I need something that can do both of them. I'll give an example below:

str = 'This is the matrix: ' ;
mat1 = [23 46 ; 56 67] ;
if *fid is valid* 
    fprintf(fid, '%s\n', str)
dlmwrite(fName, *emptymatrix*, '-append', 'delimiter', '\t', 'newline','pc')
dlmwrite(fName, mat1, '-append', 'newline', 'pc')

This works Ok but with a problem -> first line is=> This is the matrix: 23,46 which is not what i want. I hope for:

This is the matrix:
23 46
56 67

Any help would be appreciated! I can't use a for-loop and printf as the data is huge and time is an issue.

Thnx - maddy 23,46

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I think all you have to do to fix your problem is add a carriage return (\r) to your FPRINTF statement and remove the first call to DLMWRITE:

str = 'This is the matrix: ';      %# A string
mat1 = [23 46; 56 67];             %# A 2-by-2 matrix
fName = 'str_and_mat.txt';         %# A file name
fid = fopen(fName,'w');            %# Open the file
if fid ~= -1
  fprintf(fid,'%s\r\n',str);       %# Print the string
  fclose(fid);                     %# Close the file
dlmwrite(fName,mat1,'-append',...  %# Print the matrix

And the output in the file looks like this (with tabs between the numbers):

This is the matrix: 
23  46
56  67

NOTE: A short explanation... the reason for needing the \r in the FPRINTF statement is because a PC line terminator is comprised of a carriage return followed by a line feed, which is what is used by DLMWRITE when the 'newline','pc' option is specified. The \r is needed to ensure the first line of the matrix appears on a new line when opening the output text file in Notepad.

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Thanks gnovice! u have helped me again! – Maddy Dec 29 '10 at 20:18
I have a related Q: The code works correctly on my system. But when I remote desktop to a server and set its Matlab path to my local matlab-directories, the same code fails to set up the file. The whole projects runs correctly, but file procedure is failing. Any comments? Thanks – Maddy Dec 29 '10 at 21:31
@Maddy: How is it failing? What error do you get? – gnovice Dec 29 '10 at 21:35
pathstr = 'C:/Documents and Settings/xxx/My Documents/MATLAB/Factor Production/Results/xxx' ; This path works fine when I execute it locally. However, when I use a server and run the same group of files (by setting path), this fails. I get error "No such file or directory". The message is from the code line: [fid,message] = fopen(fName,'w') ; – Maddy Dec 29 '10 at 21:48
thanks. I just output the results to another server. It serves the purpose well! appreciate your help. – Maddy Dec 29 '10 at 22:01

You don't need the empty matrix call. Try this code:

str = 'This is the matrix: ' ;
mat1 = [23 46 ; 56 67] ;
fName = 'output.txt';
fid = fopen('output.txt','w');
if fid>=0
    fprintf(fid, '%s\n', str)
dlmwrite(fName, mat1, '-append', 'newline', 'pc', 'delimiter','\t');
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You've got two dlmwrite() calls, the first on an empty matrix, and the second one is missing the 'delimiter' option. What happens if you add it to the second call?

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