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I want to write a function where, when I click anywhere on a string (or sentence) in HTML, it will tell me if that is a letter or a whitespace. Is this even possible? For example, I click on anywhere inside this sentence:

<div id='sentence'>The cat in the hat.</div>

Say I click on the letter "a" inside "cat". I want it to return an alert telling me that I clicked on a character. Say I click on the whitespace between "cat" and "in". I want it to return an alert saying that I clicked on a whitespace.

It may sound impossible but one idea I have is that maybe you click somewhere and check to the left and right of where you clicked (for example, you clicked right between a whitespace and a letter), and if at least one of characters is a whitespace (say to the left), it should return that you clicked on a whitespace... would this be easier to implement? I just need some advice on this.

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Any restrictions? Specific browsers this needs to work with? – Hemlock Dec 29 '10 at 20:00
Should work on all browsers; Chrome, Firefox, IE 7 and up – James Nine Dec 29 '10 at 20:30

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Working example @

function clickify (e) {
    var arr = e.innerText.split("") || e.textContent.split(""),
        max = arr.length,
        i = 0,
        template = "<span onclick='alert(this.innerText || this.textContent);'>$c</span>",
        result = "";

    for (; i < max; i += 1) {
        result += template.replace("$c", arr[i]);

    e.innerHTML = result;   
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This is exactly what I needed! thanks. – James Nine Dec 29 '10 at 20:30
Glad to help -- the best part is you don't need jQuery! ;-) – Kai Dec 29 '10 at 20:33
Hey @Kai, fyi i couldn't get the fiddle to work in the latest version of Firefox though it does work in IE9 and Chrome – D.Tate Dec 30 '11 at 16:17
@D.Tate Hey, thanks for reporting that. I've updated the fiddle to check that the innerText property exists before calling it's split method. The latest FF uses textContent so it fails over successfully now. – Kai Dec 30 '11 at 20:37
@Kai looks great, thanks for the explanation. – D.Tate Jan 3 '12 at 18:38

Not directly possible, but if you take every single character in html elements this can be possible. Here is what i thought:

var $sentence = $("#sentence");
var sentence = $sentence.html();

//we'll use this after we recreate the sentence
function tellMeWhatIAm(){
  //as its name says it tells what it is

  //clear the sentence
  if(i==0) $sentence.html("");
  //create every char again
  //and bind click event to our function above
  var $span = $("<span/>",{"text" : t, "click" : tellMeWhatIAm});
  //append the chars back to the sentence wrapper

Haven't tested it though, but the idea is pretty straightforward.

Hope it helps, Sinan.

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Using Range, no need to modify the html.

  $('#sentence').click(function(e) {
    if (window.getSelection) {
      var cursor = window.getSelection().getRangeAt(0).startOffset 
      var str =;

    } else {
      var range = document.selection.createRange();


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