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I've done a lot of research on this topic and there seems to be some dispute, so I wanted to get your opinions. Here is my basic situation - I have a User model:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  # User consists of first_name, last_name, and other fields
  has_one :profile # 1-1 mapping between User and Profile
                   # Profile is a nested resource of User

  # this is the method up for debate:
  # this obviously doesn't work unless I include
  # the necessary modules in this class
  def link(*args)
    link_to self.first_name, users_profile_path(self), args

My reasoning for this kind of behavior is that, in my views, I'd like to do something like:

<%= %>

instead of:

<%= link_to, users_profile_path(@user) ... %>

every time. This link will be used thousands of times, in many different views. I want to centralize this "method" so that, when I need to make a change, I can make it once.

However, this practice absolutely violates the MVC architecture. Others suggest using a helper:

module UsersHelper
  def profile_link(user, *args)
    link_to, users_profile_path(user), args

Now, I have to wrap the user in the method instead of calling it as a method ON user:

<%= profile_link(@user) %>

Which, in my opinion, is uglier than the latter example.

So my question is - which is better?? Or is there a way to accomplish this that I'm completely unaware of?

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Helper is the right place for that. – Heikki Dec 29 '10 at 19:49
You've nailed something that's bothered me for the longest time. The fact of the matter is that probably 90% of helpers would actually be better defined on a class itself if it wasn't considered bad practice. I hope you find a good answer for this. – ryeguy Dec 29 '10 at 20:14
You might want to consider checking out cells (see an example here). – ryeguy Dec 29 '10 at 20:27

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Rails is all about coding by convention. As you've pointed out, using a method in the model breaks the conventions of MVC. Unless there's a compelling reason to do so, you're better off going with the flow, and using the helper approach.

One practical issue is testing: you'll find it easier to test the helper method than the model method. Helper tests will include the link_to and users_profile_path methods for you -- model tests won't.

Finally, think of other developers reading your code. Where would they expect to find this method? If you follow MVC, you'll make their lives easier.

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+1 for considering future maintenance – coder_tim Dec 29 '10 at 21:27

Use the helper. Because this is a method that creates a view object (the anchor tag), it's best to put it in a helper module.

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Take a look at ActiveRecord's to_param method:

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