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I'm fairly need to this whole F# thing and Functional programming.. I've been looking in all possible documents and found nothing, so therefore I ask you for help for my simple problem. How do I declare:

public myClass test;

in F#?

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If you want the declaration to go in the module, do

let test = myClass()

If you want the declaration to go in the class, do

val test: myClass

You'll have to initialize test in the constructor, or to provide a DefaultValue attribute:

val mutable test: myClass

Then it will be default-initialized to null.

The final alternative is to have the private field (then you can initialize it inside the class declaration) and provide an accessor:

let test = myClass()
member x.Test = test


let mutable test = myClass()
member x.Test with get () = test and set value = test <- value
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