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Using jQuery autocomplete, is it possible to make it so that the first item is automatically highlighted and will be filled in when the user hits enter, but not when they tab out of the input (input loses focus)?

The closest I've found is this, but that autocompletes on lose-focus.

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I think I have a solution that works - without breaking the existing behaviour - by extending $.ui.autocomplete and overriding the _suggest method.

$.widget('ui.myAutocomplete', $.extend({}, $.ui.autocomplete.prototype, {
    _suggest : function(items) {
        // Call ui.autocomplete's parent method
        $.ui.autocomplete.prototype._suggest.call(this, items);

        // Find the first list item
        var item = this.menu.element.children()[0];

        // Make this item active.
        // An event is expected so a fake one is passed as a parameter.
        this.menu.activate(new jQuery.Event('null.event'), $(item));

You can now use the new sub-class $.ui.myAutocomplete in the same way as $.ui.autocomplete

$(function() {
    var source = [
        'test 1'
        ,'test 2'
        ,'test 3'

            source : source
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ah, but if the menu is open and you tab away it still autocompletes because an item is active. –  gawpertron Mar 13 '11 at 11:36

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