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How do I subclass the TextCellEditor of Slickgrid?

I want to style the editors used in slickgrid using the uniform library; to do so I need to call

$("input, textarea, select, button").uniform();

after the html is generated; in other words after the editor object's init function is called; Currently I just copy the entire editor source code and add that line just before the end of the init function. I just seems non elegant.


to be clear to people unfamiliar with slickgrid, here is the code:

var myTextCellEditor = function(args) {
        var $input;
        var defaultValue;
        var scope = this;

        this.init = function() {
            $input = $("<INPUT type=text class='editor-text' />")
                .bind("keydown.nav", function(e) {
                    if (e.keyCode === $.ui.keyCode.LEFT || e.keyCode === $.ui.keyCode.RIGHT) {


        this.destroy = function() {

        this.focus = function() {

        this.loadValue = function(item) {
            defaultValue = item[args.column.field] || "";
            $input[0].defaultValue = defaultValue;

        this.serializeValue = function() {
            return $input.val();

        this.applyValue = function(item,state) {
            item[args.column.field] = state;

        this.isValueChanged = function() {
            return (!($input.val() == "" && defaultValue == null)) && ($input.val() != defaultValue);

        this.validate = function() {
            if (args.column.validator) {
                var validationResults = args.column.validator($input.val());
                if (!validationResults.valid)
                    return validationResults;

            return {
                valid: true,
                msg: null


Where $input.uniform(); is the only line that is different from the default TextCellEditor.

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You could bind a .ready() event to the generated html content by class using .live() so it applies to all future content, not just content present in the initial DOM.


$('.classOfSlickGrid').live('ready', function() {
    $("input, textarea, select, button").uniform();
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Tried it but it didn't work; Maybe because the DOM ready event doesn't fire a second time after the DOM changed? –  AngelBlaZe Dec 31 '10 at 11:46

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