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I have a pretty old DotNetNuke installation which is broken (in more than one way) and won't let me upgrade. I've set up a new installation and want to move the content. The old portal has a massive amount of data, so moving it manually will take very long.

Is there any way of migrating between portals without manually copying?
I know tools exist to do this between SharePoint portals.

I'm capable of doing SQL and even writing a few lines of code if required.

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It depends on where your data is stored. Some modules will implement the "Portable" feature, which means that you can export them with content. However, there's not even a great way to export all of your content at once. You can export a portal template (from Host -> Portals), but if you're upgrading a lot of versions, the new version won't be able to handle the old version.

If your information is in a lot of different modules that don't support the "Portable" feature, you'll need to consider each of those modules separately (probably doing some sort of SQL export specific to each module).

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Not the answer I was looking for sadly. But since nobody else had any better idea I'll go for it. Thanks! :) – Tedd Hansen Jan 21 '11 at 10:00

I'm facing this issue now. has a massive amount of user-dependant data but runs like a dog. I want to start fresh on DNN 7.1 with a clean install and move the relevant data across and make new pages and content. (I guess by not moving the modules and tabs across it is a bit easier).

Considering the Users will get a new UserID I will have to use email address to map any table with a USerID from the old DB to the new one... this is going to be no small task ;)

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