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in my Rails 3 App, I'm posting with jQuery the following:

In my controller:

  def read_updater
      current_user.topics.where(:topic_id => params[:topic_id]).update_all(:read => params[:read])

    render :json => {:status => 'success' }

params[:topic_id] works great, but params[:read] is inserting empty values in the DB, even though jQuery is posting either a true or false. Ideas? I want rails to update the DB with either true or false.


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do you mean params[:topic_id] is working? –  zsalzbank Dec 29 '10 at 21:56
sorry yes I'll update –  AnApprentice Dec 29 '10 at 21:57

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Maybe update_all isn't parsing passed string? params[:read] is a string:

=> "true"
# or
=> "false"

So maybe it is trying to save a string to this column and that's why you have problems.

Try this line:

current_user.topics.where(:topic_id => params[:topic_id]).update_all(:read => true)

And see if it is working. If yes, then replace :read => params[:read] with something like :read => params[:read] == 'true'.

I also hope that you've checked how params hash looks in this controller. If not, just put:

logger.debug params.inspect

at the begining of read_updater method and check logs if everything is fine.

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