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Using SQLite3, if you create a table like this:

id int primary key,
--define other columns here--

it turns out sqlite3_column_type(0) always returns SQLITE_NULL. If I read on a bit, this may well be by design because this column is actually an alias to the internal rowid field.

Still, what is the programatical way to determine a certain column is an/the alias to the rowid field?

(Perhaps related, can I use sqlite3_column_type(x)==SQLITE_NULL to determine if the field of the current record holds NULL?)

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According to

A PRIMARY KEY column only becomes an integer primary key if the declared type name is exactly "INTEGER". Other integer type names like "INT" or "BIGINT" or "SHORT INTEGER" or "UNSIGNED INTEGER" causes the primary key column to behave as an ordinary table column with integer affinity and a unique index, not as an alias for the rowid.

So in your case it's "int" so invalid alias

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tried CREATE TABLE test (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, ...) and that works, thanks! – Stijn Sanders Jan 13 '11 at 23:13

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