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I have a client that wants to invoke a web service. I have a web service(asmx) , a default.aspx that can show the claims . I have a test STS that my web service trusts. I tested and sts can send correct claims and also web service seems to get them if I go through default.aspx page that shows the claims. I created a proxy(using Visual Studio "add service reference") for client to call the web service. I could not find a way about how to call web service from client programatically so that it will authenticate through my STS. I am calling like below but sts returns the claims response to client where it should return to web service and invoke the web service function.

MyClient =  MyWebServiceSoapClient("MyWebServiceSoap", "");
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I wrote a C# library that enables you to get a SAML token from a 3rd party STS and subsequently ADFS to eventually authenticate to SharePoint. It may be of some help:

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Thanks for sharing, I wrote something similar when I had the problem. – aziz May 18 '12 at 19:18

Check samples in the Identity Training Kit or the "A Guide to Claims based Identity" for examples.

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