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I am trying to override the currentPlaybackTime property of the MPMoviePlayerController class. I declared the following in the header file of my subclass of MPMoviePlayerController.

@interface MyMoviePlayerController : MPMoviePlayerController {

@property(nonatomic, getter=getCurrentPlaybackTime, setter=setCurrentPlaybackTime) 

- (NSTimeInterval) getCurrentPlaybackTime;
- (void) setCurrentPlaybackTime:(NSTimeInterval)newValue;


I am getting two warning messages as shown below:

warning: property 'currentPlaybackTime' 'setter' attribute does not match super class 'MPMoviePlayerController' property

warning: property 'currentPlaybackTime' 'getter' attribute does not match super class 'MPMoviePlayerController' property

The override actually works but is there a way to suppress the annoying warnings?


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you can try to remove your own getter/setter and use the default ones

@property(nonatomic) NSTimeInterval currentPlaybackTime;

and use

- (NSTimeInterval) currentPlaybackTime;

instead of

- (NSTimeInterval) getCurrentPlaybackTime;

thats the default getter and setter and you have not to set your own.

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Works GREAT!!! Thanks a lot!!! – SSong Dec 30 '10 at 21:01

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