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Here's the situation: I have numerous old hard drives, all of which are at least 120GB. I'd like to be able to combine these together into a big network share with maybe some kind of RAID option. How best to do this? I've a slightly older PC (about 2GHz) that I'd like to use as a server across my network. Ideally I'd like to be able to backup my stuff to a RAID.

Does anyone have any suggestions, words of wisdom, words of warning, etc? I find buying some additional hardware perfectly acceptable, but I don't know what to even look for. This is for a home environment. I'm proficient with Linux (which I'd prefer the server to run).

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This is going to get closed, however, I could recommend, if you want to use RAID, using a hardware RAID controller and in your case just go with mirroring (RAID 0). If these are just a mismatch of harddrives that aren't the same model, etc, I would not go RAID 5 here. –  BobbyShaftoe Jan 18 '09 at 22:00
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If the old machine will hold the drives (a the power supply is powerful enough) then you should just setup the machine using software RAID - it better than cheap hardware RAID controllers.

The only problem is you'll be limited to 4 drives - and for 4 drives you'll have to install from USB.

I installed onto 2 SATA drives directly from the Ubuntu 8.04 alternative CD and was pretty easy.

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