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I'm working on a Java applet that needs to display "fancy" equations. Is there any Java renderer for MathML or LaTeX that's open source? Ideally it would be a pure Java solution that doesn't use JNI.

Ideally it would also allow to animate the generated glyphs (e.g. animating adding a constant to both sides of a equation, lines going through terms for cancellation, etc.)

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I know these libraries for Java:

For the animation part of your question, you can look at these projects:

  • DragMath equation editor (Swing interface; GNU License)

  • Mirai Calc calculator (SWT interface; GNU License; uses JMathTeX)

For a web interface you can also use the jsMath JavaScript or it's successor Mathjax library as a Latex/MathML renderer.

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JMathTeX and DragMath look perfect. Thank you so much! –  Ryan Jan 23 '09 at 6:12
jsMath I have found to be common, but often the equations are not rendered at all on the linux machines I have used due to missing libraries. –  Alex May 20 '09 at 0:13
this answer work for swing, swt and awt , but for javaFX can we use this ? –  HinoHara Jul 12 at 15:47

Take a look at JEuclid, it seems to do the first part of what you want.

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