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i am trying to send an image file to printer using curl. I am using curl command line tool for this and the command i used is "curl --data-binary @filename ip:port". But this doesn't work. Any help would be appreciated..

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user - what does not work ? include the error message or error code ... – ajreal Dec 30 '10 at 4:50
I am able to get print of a text file using curl --data-binary "@textfile.txt" printerip:port. But i need to get print of an image.. – infant_coder Dec 30 '10 at 5:37

Most cases of file uploads from a form in HTML and over HTTP use multipart formposts. You do such posts with curl using a number of -F on the command line.

As always, start out by reading this guide on how to script with HTTP:

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The data to be printed also needs to be passed in a format that the printer can understand, just throwing a JPEG into an IPP request may not be enough; it may need conversion to something like Postscript, PCL, or else, instead.

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