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I'm using Amazon's elastic map reduce.

I have log files that look something like this

   random text foo="1" more random text foo="2"
   more text notamatch="5" noise foo="1"
   blah blah blah foo="1" blah blah foo="3" blah blah foo="4" ...

How can I write a pig expression to pick out all the numbers in the 'foo' expressions?

I prefer tuples that look something like this:


I've tried the following:

TUPLES = foreach LINES generate FLATTEN(EXTRACT(line,'foo="([0-9]+)"'));

But this yields only the first match in each line:

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You could use STRSPLIT:

The regex to split on would be [^0-9]+ (i.e., not numbers) This will effectively split on large portions of non-numbers, leaving only tokens of numerical digits.

Another option would be to write a Pig UDF.

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Yes, you are right. Unfortunately, my example was misleading in that it didn't illustrate that I actually have other numeric expressions I don't want to match. I've updated my example to be more illustrative. – lmonson Dec 30 '10 at 16:51
Could you not use a Pig UDF to do this? – Donald Miner Dec 30 '10 at 16:53

REGEX_EXTRACT function may help you to get your desired output

REGEX_EXTRACT(input, 'foo=(.*)',2) AS input;

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