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for last three days i am trying to create unit test case using OcUnit. but not succeed yet . every time i google i get new tutorial with different configuration. and apple tutorial is the only which worked in xcode 3.2.5 . plz if any one know step to create logic test as well as application test please let me know .

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Apple's approach forces you to make an artificial and unnecessary distinction between "logic tests" and "application tests". It also makes debugging a real pain.

For iOS unit testing, try GTM or GHUnit instead.

Update: Xcode 4 changes everything. I now use the built-in OCUnit for iOS unit tests. See http://qualitycoding.org/xcode-unit-testing/

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i use GHUnit, is a test framework for Objective-C, you can follow the instruction on the GHUnit page or see the video TDD for iPhone Development , GHUnit it's easy to use and very helpful.

hope this help.

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