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Can anyone tell me how to sort an array containing filenames that start with numbers? Because strings that start with 11, 12, 13 etc are considered lower than 2, it's scewing my results like this:

[0] "1. File one.pdf"
[1] "11. File eleven.pdf"
[2] "12. File twelve.pdf"
[3] "2. File two.pdf"
[4] "3. File three.pdf"

Is there anything I can do to sort these properly?

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You can use natsort. or natcasesort, which is case insensitive. If there is more than numbers (ie. diacritics), you should assure that you use proper locale.

If it is not enough, ie. you want also sort number literals ("one", "two", "three"), you can use usort, which permits to use your custom callback as comparison function.

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Perfect! Thank you, and everyone else who put in an answer. –  Tim Dec 30 '10 at 17:29
Thanks !!! natsort did the work ! –  Rahul Gupta Mar 10 at 6:44

Use can get the natural ordering using natsort

See it.

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