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I am trying to remove multiple spaces by using below codes,its removing &nbsp also, but its not working for character N B S P.....

replace(SPACE, " ").replace(/^[\s\t\n\&nbsp\;]+|[\s\t\n\&nbsp\;]+$/g, '');
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Please, give an example of a string you want to get before and after replace. A few examples. Just can't understand how this must work. – Silver Light Dec 30 '10 at 8:46
It's 'not' working for N B S P? Are you stripping spaces or trying to remove these characters too? Or do you mean it is not stripping out a capitalised  ? – stef Dec 30 '10 at 8:48
I think he means that   is interpreted as & or n or b or s or p or ; which is confusing, and not what you want is you try to remove HTML whitespace. – Pelle ten Cate Dec 30 '10 at 8:55


str.replace(/( )|[ \t\n]/g, '')
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Thanks a lot brother..its working fine.... – satyam Dec 30 '10 at 9:15

Try /([ \r\n\t]| )/g to remove all whitespace in the string,
Try /^([ \r\n\t]| )/g to remove all whitespace from the beginning of the string,
Try /([ \r\n\t]| )$/g to remove all whitespace from the end of the string,

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To replace leading and trailing white-space and   you can do:

str.replace(/^( |\s)+|( |\s)+$/gi, '')

The reason by n b s p and ; are being deleted from your string is because of the incorrect character class:


which also matches characters n b s p and ;.

Also note that \s includes \t and \n.

In case if you want to delete all whitespace characters and all   from the string you can do:

str.replace(/( |\s)+/gi, '')
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Thanks bro,for analyzing and giving the correct option.. – satyam Dec 30 '10 at 9:16

Could be less complex imho:

(' replace  -s and spaces   in this line  ok? ')
      .replace(/ |\s|\s+/gi, '');
//=>result: 'replace-sandspacesinthislineok?'

With this RegExp/replace all instances of spaces/ -s are replaced with an empty string.

/ |\s|\s+/gi
-------^ or operator, so: match   OR \s OR \s+
---------------^g modifier: match all instances in the string to search
-----------------^i modifier: match case insensitive

An even shorter form would be:

    /( |\s)+/gi
----------------^ + match the preceding element one or more times

Wikipedia is your friend

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